The Quench Buggy water station

Success Story – Quench Buggy

Darryl HindleDarryl Hindle from Meaford, Ontario approached the Centre for Business in 2010 to finance a mobile water dispensing business called the Quench Buggy. The business idea was a result of the increase in use of bottled water and the increasing environmental concerns about the disposal of plastic bottles. When Municipalities and organizations were banning the sale of bottled water at outdoor events and festivals there was an opportunity for mobile water dispensing trailers to be rented or sold to municipalities and event organizers.

Quench Buggy trailers have multiple spigots for filling water bottles as well as water fountains for those who don’t have reusable water bottles. It can hook up to municipal water for an unlimited supply or it has an on board water storage for remote locations.

Darryl has worked with municipalities and networked through Trade Shows from Toronto to Los Angeles promoting the Quench Buggy. It not only provides clean fresh water at events but also provides the owner or renter of the Quench Buggy to place their own promotional signage on the trailer.

Quench Buggy now serves clients throughout North America ranging from small festivals to municipalities buying or renting trailers to use at all their events. Quench Buggy was awarded the Festivals and Events Ontario Award for the Specialty Product Providers at a conference in Mississauga in February 2013.

Quench Buggy continues to increase its visibility attending more events generating more rental and sales opportunities, resulting in increased revenues as well as awareness for the environment.