Community Futures South Georgian Bay

5 Community Future Facts

1 – When your business succeeds, so do we.

At CFDC, our goal is to help your business succeed.  We provide business loans and expert advice.  We are here to mentor you along the way because we are as invested in your community’s future as you are.


2 – Our community loan fund invests in local, small businesses.

As a small business grows, cash flow can often be a big challenge. If you need a loan to help your business succeed, we can help. Our mandate is to provide financing up to $250,000 for local businesses through our community loan fund.  We reinvest the payments into other community businesses just like yours.


3 – Our unique local insight allows us to recognize small business opportunities.

At CFDC, we make loan decisions locally, taking into account much more than simple business numbers.  Our perspective is unique because our Board is local, just like you. We support a wide variety of ideas and ventures. Our goal is to help community businesses transform vision into reality and strengthen our local economy.


4 – We have a history of long-term success. 

CFDCs across Ontario have served rural communities for over 30 years.  This experience gives us unique local insight, allowing us to make educated decisions based on community needs.  Through Community Economic Development (CED) initiatives, we help businesses create jobs and provide sustainable rural employment. CFDCs are an important local hub for business and community.


5 – We are your “go to” community partner.

Our 20 offices across Western Ontario each have knowledgeable and passionate staff and volunteer Boards. CFDCs have unique business experience, an understanding of the local community, and established networks.  We are invested in strengthening the communities we serve.