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Local Media Professionals and Students Invited to Demo State-of-the-Art Virtual Production Facility at Pinewood Studios Toronto

The South Georgian Bay Media Association (SGBMA) is proud to announce a new series of workshops for film, television and media professionals, business owners and media students residing in Simcoe, Grey or Bruce County. The SGBMA is offering two workshops this October that will teach media professionals and students who are interested in futuristic production techniques used in productions such as the Star Wars’ series The Mandalorian incorporating LED Volumes.

The Virtual Interactive Volume Accelerator (VIVA) workshop series will instruct participant film and television producers, directors, cinematographers, key creatives and media arts post-secondary students on the use of virtual production (VP) technology and how it can be applied to small and medium sized independent film and television production.

The two-part workshop series will explore Virtual Production LED Volumes in theory, as well as a hands-on LED volume demonstration at the SIRT centre located in Toronto’s Pinewood Studios. The series is made possible through the support of Ontario Creates, The Blue Mountains Public Library and Community Futures South Georgian Bay.

(Photo of instructor Tom Strnad on stage with a LED wall demonstration during the 2021 VIVA series focused on Virtual Interactive Volumes for the Arts, with support from the Ontario Arts Council)

The project is part of the ongoing professional development workshops offered by the SGBMA with lead strategist and digital artist Tom Strnad and project manager Tracey Strnad, both filmmakers located in The Blue Mountains. “There is a lack of access for film, television and media artists and professionals to hands on learning in the latest digital technologies available in film and video and through this VIVA workshop we hope to bridge the gap between rural based media professionals and those located in major city centres such as Toronto,” said Tom Strnad.

(Photo of the LED Volume stage at the SIRT Centre located at Toronto’s Pinewood Studios where the October 28, 2022 VIVA workshop will take place.)

The VIVA workshops take place over two days on October 14, 2022 and October 28, 2022.

Day 1 will include an overview into the theory and creative opportunities in cinematography, production and editing that virtual production offers filmmakers and will take place at The Blue Mountains Public Library. Day 2 will include a hands-on demonstration of a LED Volume for virtual production located at the SIRT centre at Pinewood Studios Toronto.

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About SGBMA:

South Georgian Bay Media Association Inc. is a media artist collective that provides education in media arts technology and media arts film and television industry promotion through projects and presentations within Grey, Bruce and Simcoe County. SGBMA has a mandate to provide events in media arts learning, presentation and forums for both industry professionals and aspiring new media artists. Over the past seven years SGBMA has offered numerous artist talks in film and video and digital arts and has built a digital arts and technology project called The Creator Space that provides the latest media arts and digital arts technology in the three partner libraries of The Blue Mountains, Collingwood and Wasaga Beach. Over 15000 workshop and event participants have been part of these training, arts presentations and artist talks since the summer of 2019.

Our lead artist and strategist, Tom Strnad is a filmmaker with over 20 years of film and television experience and he has taught video and film courses at Georgian College and Trebas Institute. Tom works with local media companies and municipalities to help represent and establish training facilities and to provide events to foster new talent and skills training.

About Ontario Creates:

Ontario Creates is an agency of the provincial government whose mandate is to be a catalyst for economic development, investment and collaboration in Ontario’s creative industries including the music, book, magazine, film, television and interactive digital media sectors, both domestically and internationally.

Ontario Creates is committed to delivering high-impact support that creates jobs and economic opportunities for Ontarians and that contributes to an advantageous business environment for growth. Through targeted programs and services, support for innovation, and by leveraging public and private partnerships, Ontario Creates builds the capacity and competitiveness of the Province’s creative industries to deliver award-winning content that is enjoyed by audiences across Ontario and around the world.

About SIRT:

The Screen Industries Research and Training (SIRT) Centre is one of Sheridan’s Research Centres, committed to working directly with industry partners on innovation and training projects while infusing new knowledge into Sheridan’s curriculum. SIRT was established by Sheridan in 2009 and works extensively with students and faculty/staff in areas such as applied learning and research. The Centre has also been made possible by government funding from provincial and federal government levels.

Located at Pinewood Toronto Studios in the heart of the city’s film and television studio district, SIRT is a premier destination for training, collaboration and creation for the screen-based industry in Ontario and around the world. Our state-of-the-art production studio and lab facility is a content creator’s dream come true.